Alipus San Luis Del Rio

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Alipus San Luis Del Rio, 750ML

Alipus San Luis uses agave Espadin that is grown in sandy soil at 4100 feet along the spreading sides of the canyon. The soils are sandy with lots of rocks, and the climate is hot, meaning lots of flavor. Don Baltazar ferments in 1500-liter pine vats. His Mezcals are rich, full-bodied, and fruity.  This is not Don Baltazar’s only Mezcal on the market, and they all carry his signature flavors.

Technical Specifications:

MEZCALERO: Don Baltazar Cruz Gomez
AGAVE: Espadin
DISTILLATION: Double distilled in Copper
REGION: Oaxaca
VILLAGE: San Luis Del Rio
OVEN: Conic Earth Pit Oven
MILLING: Tahona  


Alipús is a social project that seeks to generate rural economy in Oaxaca through making and commercializing artisan mezcal. These are mezcales jóvenes (unaged), made by a small family distilleries.  Alipús was born in 1999, as a project of the Destilería Los Danzantes, with Don Joel Antonio and sons as the first producers, in San Juan del Río. Subsequently, Don Eduardo Hernández, of Santa Ana del Río, making Alipús Santa Ana mezcal; Don Cosme Hernandez and his son Cirilo in San Baltazar Guelavila, who make the Alipús San Baltazar mezcal; Don Valente Angel and sons, of Santa María La Pila, with the Alipús San Andrés mezcal. In 2013, Alipús San Luis is incorporated, made by Don Baltazar Cruz and sons, of San Luis del Río, and Alipús San Miguel, made by Don Felix García and Leonardo Rojas in the Potrero Sola de Vega.

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