• Alipus Ensemble San Andres


    Alipus Ensemble San Andres

    Alipus Ensemble San Andres, 750ML Alipus Ensamble was originally released in mid-2016. There have been additional releases since due it’s popularity.  It is made by mezcalero Don Valente Angel is San Andrés, and it contains many of the...

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  • Mezcalero No.18


    Mezcalero No.18

    Mezcalero No. 18, 750ML Mezcalero No. 18 was distilled in 2013 by Don Valente Angel in Santa Maria la Pila from wild/semi-wild Bicuishe, Madrecuishe, and Mexicano blended at roasting with Espadín. It rested in a tank for 4 years before bottling. There...

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