El Jolgorio Madrecuixe

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El Jolgorio Madrecuixe Mezcal, 750ML

El Jolgorio Madrecuixe is made with agave Madre-Cuishe, which is known to grow mostly at higher elevations.  Due to the agave’s dense core and relatively low water content, Mezcal made from Madre-Cuishe often has the flavor of high minerality mixed with vegetal and floral notes. As with other El Jolgorio bottles, each release can vary greatly.  Check your bottle for more details.

Technical Specifications:

MEZCALERO: Ignacio Parada, Pedro Vasquez, Regulo Parada
AGAVE: Madrecixe
DISTILLATION: Double distilled in Copper
REGION: Oaxaca
VILLAGE: Miahuatlan, Santa Maria Zoquitlan
OVEN: Volcanic Rock Conic Earth Pit Oven
MILLING: Tahona  

About This Producer:

Traditional, artisanal Mezcal forms an important part of rituals, ceremonies and festivities - known as "Jolgorios" - in villages in Oaxaca, México. El Jolgorio Mezcals are made exclusively from different species and varieties of wild and semi-wild harvested agave by Maestro Mezcaleros in local villages in Oaxaca, and are twice distilled in copper pot stills. On every bottle is inscribed the species of agave, the age at harvest, the village of production, the name of the Maestro Mezcalero, and the batch and lot number so as to truly connect the drinker with the land, people, and plants at the heart and soul of our Mezcal. Each lot may have different information. Check your bottle for details. 

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