El Tinieblo Joven

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El Tinieblo Joven Mezcal, 750ML

2011 Chairmans Trophy, Ultimate Spirit Challenge, New York, 2011 Best of the Best, Best Joven Mezcal, Tequila.net, 2012 Best of the Best, Best Joven Mezcal, Tequila.net, 2012 Finalist, Ultimate Spirit Challenge, New York, 2012 Gold Medal, World Spirits Competition, San Francisco.

Technical Specifications:

MEZCALERO: Pedro Vasquez
AGAVE: Salmiana, Americana and Espadin
DISTILLATION: Double distilled in Copper
REGION: Tamaulipas
OVEN: Volcanic Rock Conic Earth Pit Oven
MILLING: Tahona  

About This Producer:

El Tinieblo Mezcal is an ultra premium artisanal product that has been hand-distilled in the state of Tamaulipas by Master Mezcalero Don Baltazar Cruz. Ranch El Tinieblo, the 9000-acre farm where our maguey grow and the mezcal is made, is based on sustainability and with the desire to improve the economy of this rural state. Ranch El Tinieblo’s “local’s first" approach employs seven families in the Jimenez area as well as a number of local tradesmen who assist in the construction and maintenance of our palenque. For generations, El Tinieblo has been in the forefront of mezcal culture, conservation, and agave plant processing. We are proud of our history and strive for our craft mezcal to be enjoyed for centuries to come.