Koch el Mezcal Tobala

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Koch Tobala Mezcal, 750ML

Koch Tobala is made with wild agave Tobala. The agave Tobala is considered the king agave. It is very small, and a large amount of agave pinas are needed to make a single batch of mezcal. The Tobala is notably complex in taste and mouthfeel. Koch Tobala is harvested after 9 years of growth. It is made by Pedro Hernandez in San Baltazar. It is a subtle mezcal with floral tones and a great herbal permanence on the palate.

Technical Specifications:

MEZCALERO: Pedro Hernandez
AGAVE: Tobala
DISTILLATION: Double distilled in Copper Alembic
REGION: Oaxaca
VILLAGE: San Baltazar
OVEN: Pit Oven, Red Oak and Mesquite
FERMENTATION: Pine Vats with Wild Yeast 
MILLING: Tahona and Ox  

About This Producer:

Mezcal Koch is 100% Oaxacan owned, and they pride themselves on bringing a streamlined efficiency to the 200 year-old production methods of mezcal. To reduce environmental impact they have come up with guidelines under which the whole production process is governed: Agave self-sufficiency, sustainable use of water and forest resources, and a proper waste management. The ABV of their mezcal may vary from batch to batch. 

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