La Nina del Mezcal Madrecuixe

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La Nina del Mezcal Madrecuixe, 750ML

La Nina del Mezcal Madrecuixe is made with agave Madrecuixe in Santiago Matatlan. This mezcal is produced by mezcalero Armando Hernandez Lorenzo. The agave is cooked using Encino and Mezquite wood. The cooked agave is then milled using a traditional tahona and fermented for ten days. Once fermented it is double distilled in a copper still.

Technical Specifications:

MEZCALERO:  Armando Hernandez Lorenzo
AGAVE: Madrecuixe
DISTILLATION: Double Distilled in Copper
STYLE: Joven
REGION: Oaxaca
VILLAGE: Santiago Matatlan
ALCOHOL: 43.6%

About This Producer:

Cecilia Rios Murrieta is a freelance writer and founder of La Niña del Mezcal, a company that promotes awareness of artisan mezcal in order to preserve the traditional production processes and position it as a premium spirit in international markets. Her passion for mezcal led her to pursue certification as a Mezcalier, and later to establish one of the first blogs about Mezcal and the culture that surrounds it. Today, she is the proud owner of a Mezcal line from Oaxaca and she continues to share her knowledge about the spirit through tastings and pairings, while creating alliances with other Mexican artisanal producers and chefs to promote Mexican cultural and gastronomic heritage. La Nina del Mezcal can be hard to find as the company only imports a few cases into the US at a time. 

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