Marques Mezcal Plata

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Marques Plata Mezcal, 750ML

Marques Mezcal Plata is made by Daniel Botello and bottled by hand at the Jaral de Berrio Hacienda located in San Felipe, Guanajuato.  This mezcal is made using the Agave Salmina which are cooked using ceramic conic ovens, Tahona crushed and double distilled in Copper.  The flavor offers soft agave aromas, light smoke, notes of hazelnut and cream soda that come through on the palate; the velvety finish bears a hint of sweet dates, figs and tobacco followed by a late pepper.  Gold Medal 2015 San Francisco Spirits Competition, Double Gold 50 Best Awards.

Technical Specifications:

MEZCALERO: Daniel Botello
AGAVE: Salmiana
DISTILLATION: Double distilled in Copper
REGION: Guanajuato
VILLAGE: San Felipe
OVEN: Ceramic conic oven


The famous estate in Guanajuato is producing some of the most interesting and affordable Mezcal on the market.  Most people think of Mezcal as the traditional smoky Oaxacan spirit made from the Espadin varietal of agave, but nearly every state in Mexico distills some type of Agave spirit.  In the state of Guanajuato, the agave of note is the Salmiana and it's cultivated for their own style of smokeless mezcal.  The Jaral De Berrio family was originally given the noble title of Marquis in 1774 by King Carlos III and subsequently, they were given one of the first official warrants to produce wine and spirits in Mexico.  Perhaps Guanajuato's most prominent family, the Hacienda is still a popular tourist attraction in this part of Mexico, but the real attraction is their fabulous Mezcal.  The Salmiana agave and it's lazy drooping leaves is a familiar site for many in Southern California, but few know of it's amazing capabilities for creating delicious Mezcal.  The agave is roasted in traditional clay ovens and distilled twice in copper pots.  This is the perfect middle road between the spice earthiness of Oaxacan mezcal and the cleaner fruitier flavors common in Tequila to the west.