Pierde Almas de Conejo

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Pierde Almas Mezcal de Conejo, 750ML

Region: Oaxaca
Mezcalero: Gregorio Velasco and Jonathan Barbieri
Agave Type: Espadin
Alcohol: 50% ABV 
Oven: earthen pit oven 6-10 days
Fermentation: natural, wild resident yeast
Milling: Tahona
Distillation: Copper pot alembic- triple distilled

Staff Review: From the producer: Espadin mezcal triple-distilled in the presence of Heirloom fruit and the saddle of a wild cottontail rabbit. ABV ranges between 50% and 52%, depending on the conditions specific to each lot. Besides the notes of orchard fruit and minty tarragon, there is a subtle savory presence dwelling deep in the background. The hint, ever-so-slight, of wild rabbit 

Tasting Notes: