Pierde Almas de Pechuga

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Pierde Almas Mezcal de Pechuga, 750ML

Region: Oaxaca
Mezcalero: Gregorio Velasco 
Agave Type: Espadin
Alcohol: 50% ABV 
Oven: earthen pit oven 6-10 days
Fermentation: natural, wild resident yeast
Milling: Tahona
Distillation: Copper pot alembic- triple distilled

Staff Review: From the producer: Espadin mezcal triple-distilled in the presence of Heirloom fruit and the breast of a wild turkey. This crystal line distillation ranges between 50% and 51% ABV. Every year in the month of November, Pierde Almas produces an extremely limited offering of mezcals de pechuga. This beautiful mezcal is redolent of an old forest of wild fruit trees.The flavor lingers on long after the mezcal itself has been swallowed. 

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