123 Organic Añejo Tequila Tres (750ml)

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On a morning when three brilliant roosters (tototl) greet the dawn with hopeful songs of renewal, mature agave plants at the hacienda are ready to be hand harvested and Organic Blanco tequila awakens from its eighteen months slumber in white oak barrels to be reborn as Anejo (Tres) Tequila. Just as the rooster has long been a symbol of virility and power in Mexican folklore, the complex aromatic bouquet and deep golden hue of Anejo (Tres) Tequila are signs of its superior quality and lengthy aging. Enjoy Anejo (Tres) tequila as you would any fine, aged spirit by savoring the mastery of its limited production and the mystery of its ancient legend. “96 Points” Tasting Panel -From Distiller 750ml 40% alc

Product Name: 123 Organic Tequila Añejo
NOM: 1480
Agave Varietal: Tequilana Weber
Agave Region:
Cooking: Stone/Brick Ovens
Extraction: Roller Mill
Water Source:
Fermentation: 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks
Distillation: 2x distilled
Still: Stainless Pot w/Copper Coil
Aging: American White Oak barrels
ABV/Proof: 40% abv (80-proof)
Other: Organic