Agave Destilados

  • Clande Sotol

    Clande Sotol Green Label (750ml)

    Clande Sotol (Green) is produced in small batches by Chito Fernandez in Ciudad Madera, Chihuahua using dasylirion wheeleri sotol plants. The plants are cooked in an underground pit, crushed by axe, and fermented with wild yeast in stone and wood...

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  • Clande Sotol

    Clande Sotol Yellow Label (750ml)

    Clande Sotol (Yellow) is produced by Bienvenido Fernandez in Ciudad Madera, Chihuahua. Bienvenido has more than 40 years of experience producing sotol. He learned from his grandfather and father, who produced sotol in clandestine mobile vinatas

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  • N

    La Venenosa

    La Venenosa Raicilla Sur (750ml)

    La Venenosa Raicilla Sur is produced by Maestro Tabernero Don Macario Partida in the village of Zapotitlan de Vadillo at approximately 1,200 metres above sea level. The agave used is a type of Angustifolia known locally as Lineño, which is harvested...

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