AMBHAR Reposado Tequila

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The Legend of Goddess Ambhar It is told that when the earth was young there was a beautiful young goddess, the beloved of the stars, named Ambhar. She fell in love with a mortal and was killed by the other gods. Distillation occurs in copper pot stills and rectification columns in a three step batch distillation process. In the first step, the fermented wort is distilled. The head and the tail of that distillation is then removed. Only the heart of the distillation will remain to become Tequila Ambhar. In the second step, the heart of the distillation is then re-distilled in a pot still similar to the one used in the first distillation. The third step is a repeat of step two. We create a distillation using small stills and even heat to bring out the best characteristics in our tequilas. The Reposado rests in oak whiskey barrels from the Jack Daniels distillery for up to 364 days.