Bozal Barril-Espadin-Mexicano Ensemble (750ml)

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Bozal Ensamble is made with agave Espadin, Barril, and Mexicano. The agave Barril and Mexicano in this mezcal are both harvest from the wild, while the agave Espadin is cultivated. This ensamble is slightly smoky with an herbaceous undertone that rests on the center of the palate. Citrus and floral notes from the Barril are introduced and strengthened by the warm viscous finish of the Mexicano. This ensamble is produced by three different mezcaleros (Fermin Garcia, Lucio Bautista, or Don Adrian Bautista) from two different towns (San Dionisio Ocotepec or Ejutla de Crespo). Check your bottle for details.