Clande Sotol (Yellow)

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Clande Sotol (Yellow) is produced by Bienvenido Fernandez, who has more than 40 years of experience producing sotol. He learned from his grandfather and father, who produced sotol in clandestine mobile vinatas (local name for distillery) that were immersed in the heart of the Northern Chihuahuan Sierra. He cooks the plants underground on a pit oven with stones and oak wood. After cooking for three days he will grind the cooked sotol with a mechanical grinder then he will let it ferment with natural airborne yeast in stainless steel tanks. While fermenting Bienvenido will add well water to the fermentation tanks. He then distills in a stainless steel pot still two times. Next, he will use well water to get the desired ABV. His batches range normally range from 120 to 160 liters. This sotol has notes of banana, wood, cotija cheese, honey, and nuts.