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    La Herencia de Sanchez

    La Herencia de Sanchez Pechuga de Codorniz (750ml)

    La Herencia de Sanchez Pechuga de Codorniz is made with agave Espadin in Candelaria Yegole, Oaxaca. Unlike pechuga mezcal from most other producers, maestro mezcalero Romulo Sanchez Parada only distills this mezcal twice. After the first distillation, he...

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    Los Nahuales

    Los Nahuales Anejo (750ml)

    Los Nahuales Anejo also goes by the name Los Danzantes Anejo, depending on where you live. This mezcal is made with agave espadin in Santiago Matatlan by mezcalera Karina Abad Rojas. After distillation, 85% of this mezcal is aged in French Oak barrels,...

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  • Real Minero

    Real Minero Espadin Largo (750ml)

    Real Minero Espadin y Largo is an Ensamble of wild agave Largo and cultivated agave Espadin. This mezcal has been sold in Oaxaca for many years and is now available in the US and other markets. It’s traditionally produced in Santa Catarina Minas and it’s...

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    Yuu Baal

    Yuu Baal Pechuga (750ml)

    Yuu Baal Pechuga is a traditional pechuga mezcal that is made with agave Espadin. Between the second and third distillation, a raw turkey breast is hung in the still and fresh fruits are added as well. This technique leaves this mezcal with a wide range...

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