Espíritu Lauro Añejo (750ml)

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Espíritu Lauro Anejo is an aged version of their Joven ensamble. Almost all other Anejo mezcal, is made with agave Espadin only. This mezcal is made with 70% agave Espadin, which takes 6-9 years to mature, and 30% agave Karwinskii, which takes 15 – 17 years to mature. After distillation, this mezcal is aged in American White Oak barrels for fourteen months before being bottled.


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    Espíritu Lauro Anejo (750ml)

    Posted by Alessandro on Apr 25th 2016

    Bottled 1/9/2014. Lot 014-ECO. I bought this bottle when I was making the switch from tequila to mezcal. Today, it reminds me of a lot of the good tequila I used to drink. Coming in at 40% ABV and aged in oak this mezcal is smooth and easy to drink. I recommend this one for anyone who is new to mezcal. It is slightly smokey but will not overwhelm you .