Geu Beez Ensemble (Turquoise Label) 750ml

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Master Mezcalero: Crispin Garcia Mendez
Region: San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca
Maguey: Espadin / Tobala
Agave: Angustifolia Haw / Potatorum
Source: Wild Agaves, central valley region
Maturity Age: Espadin = 8-10 years / Tobala = 16 years
Alc / Vol: 48.12%
Total Batch Size: 350 LT
Harvest: Organic, no fertilizers or pesticides.
Process: Cooked in a conical stone oven, grinded in stone mill, fermented in pine wood tub with well water. No additives are used. All waste material is recycled.
Tasting notes: Wet soil's aroma, dried fruits, herbal with a hint of smoke.