La Venenosa Raicilla Sur (750ml)

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La Venenosa Raicilla Sur is produced by Maestro Tabernero Don Macario Partida in the village of Zapotitlan de Vadillo at approximately 1,200 metres above sea level. The agave used is a type of Angustifolia known locally as Lineño, which is harvested after seven years. Agave Angustifolia is the parent species to Agave Espadin, however this is labeled as a Agave Cenizo Costeño on some of these bottles; this is likely regional nomenclature. The agave is roasted in an earthen oven and it is then distilled twice in a philippino style still made from clay pots. This Raicilla is soft and sweet on the palate, with a fruity earthiness and floral touches.