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    Benesin Mezcal

    Benesin Pechuga (750ml)

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    Bruxo Mezcal

    Bruxo No. 2 Pechuga de Maguey (750ml)

    Bruxo No. 2 is not a typical Pechuga.  Unlike almost every other Mezcal going by this name, Bruxo No. 2 contains no meat.  The signature chicken breast of other Pechugas is not present in this Mezcal.  That said, this is still a wonderful...

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    Del Maguey Mezcal

    Del Maguey Pechuga (750ml)

    The Del Maguey Pechuga has a nose of basil, lemon, ocean, and fruit. It is almost scotch-like in its smoky taste. And yes, in addition it is salty, very soft, and tastes a bit like chicken. The Pechuga production season is limited to year end due to the...

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    Don Amado Mezcal

    Don Amado Pechuga (750ml)

    Don Amado Pechuga is a vegan “Pechuga” similar to those produced by Wahaka and a few other brands. Traditionally, Pechuga mezcal is made by hanging a chicken breast in the still during the third distillation. This vegan Pechuga, however, uses a...

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    Don Mateo Mezcal

    Don Mateo Pechuga (750ml)

    Don Mateo Pechuga is a pure sampling from Michoacan. It’s made with agave Cenizo, which makes it unique as most exported pechugas mezcals are made with agave Espadin. During the third distillation, Don Emilio’s wife adds her special recipe,...

  • El Buho Mezcal

    El Buho Mango (750ml)

    El Buho Especial Mango is produced by Octavio Jimenez Monterroza in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca using agave Espadin. The agaves are crushed by a horse-drawn tahona, cooked for 7 days in a stone oven, and fermented for 8 days in pine vats. This unique batch...

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    El Jolgorio Mezcal

    El Jolgorio Pechuga (750ml)

    El Jolgorio Pechuga is made using two distillations. During the second distillation, the mezcalero adds locally harvested fruit and spices, like pineapple, orange, and plantains. Also during the second distillation, the mezcalero hangs a raw turkey...

  • Escorpion Mezcal

    Escorpion Pechuga (375ml)

    This unique Pechuga recipe starts with a base of 100% espadin agave then combines Oaxacan orange squash, red banana, pineapple, guava, crabapple and cinnamon in the mash. A chicken breast is hung in the still for the last distillation.

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    Mayalen Mezcal

    Mayalen Borrego (750ml)

    Mayalen Borrego is made from wild agave Cupreata. This mezcal is Guerrero’s answer to the mezcal Pechuga from Oaxaca. Their mezcalero starts with the same Wild Cupreata base and then adds nuts, fruits, and spices after the second distillation. This...

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    Siete Misterios Mezcal

    Siete Misterios Pechuga (750ml)

    Siete Misterios Pechuga is a rare release, and does not come from the Sola de Vega region like most of their other mezcal. This mezcal is made in small batches in Santiago Matatlan. It is hand-milled, and triple-distilled in a copper still. Before the...

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    Wahaka Mezcal

    Wahaka Espadin Manzanita (750ml)

    Wahaka Espadin Manzanita is a limited release. This mezcal is a “pechuga” made with organic heirloom apples. Maestro Mezcalero Beto Morales uses herbs and fruits in his “pechugas” instead of meat. This heirloom apple blend is...

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    Wahaka Mezcal

    Wahaka Nanche (750ml)

    Wahaka Nanche is a vegan “pechuga” that is made from agave Espadín and nanche—a small yellow fruit that is added during the second distillation. This mezcal has a gentle scent of nanche fruit and smoke. On the palate, it has a...