Pluma Negra Tobala (750ml)

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Tobalá is a wild maguey that grows in shaded areas at high altitudes of around 5000ft.

Our Maestro Mezcalero employs traditional methods for harvest and distillation. Donkeys transport machete cut maguey down to where it’s cooked in an underground earthen oven. An animal powered tahona stone grinds the baked maguey, which is placed in pine barrels for wild yeast fermentation. All of our Mezcal expressions are finished with a double distillation process in small batch copper pots.


Delicate notes of chocolate and plum with hints of tobacco, nutmeg and floral aromas. Straightforward pineapple and tropical mango come through first on the palate, with low herbal and cinnamon notes. Tobalá’s floral finish is light and long lasting.


Tobala is a sipping Mezcal best enjoyed neat. Pairs well with strong taste cheeses, lamb and beef.

  • Village:San Juan del Rio, Tlacolula
  • State:Oaxaca
  • Master Mezcalero:Rodolfo Hernández
  • Maguey:Tobalá (wild)
  • Agave species:Potatorum
  • Age of Maguey:8-12 years maturity
  • Elevation: ~3800 ft – 5000 ft
  • Type of wood:Mesquite oak.
  • Milling:Tahona pulled by donkey
  • Water source:Well
  • Length of fermentation:8 to 15 days*
  • Still type:Copper
  • Still size:250L - 300L
  • Style:Joven/Blanco
  • ABV:48% (sipping)
  • Bottle size(s) available:750ml

* Depending on outside temperature