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Doce Trecenas Artesenal Mezcal Espadin 750mL

Doce Trecenas Artesenal Mezcal Espadin 750mL

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Mindfully made in Oaxaca, Mexico, Doce Trecenas Mezcal is founded by 3 women in partnership with a third-generation family-owned distillery, led by Matriarch & Maestra Mezcalera, Margarita Blas. Together, we share the same vision of holding ourselves, (and our drinks) to a higher standard, while forming a deeper connection with the spirits we enjoy.

Doce is handcrafted from Capon agaves that have reached the peak maturity stage, giving it the maximum amount of flavor. These Capon agaves are then distilled in copper stills and roasted with the minimum amount of pine wood to allow for a barely-there smoky finish. Doce Mezcal is made at 46% ABV and can be described as an earthy, exhilarating, and full-bodied mezcal with a refined, velvet finish.
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