Real Minero Barril + Cuishe Ensemble

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Real Minero Barril, Cuishe is made with agave Barril (Karwinskii) and agave Cuishe (Rhodacantha). While Cuishe is a Karwinskii agave in most communities, it’s a Rhodacantha in Santa Catarina Minas, where this mezcal is made. Most other Oaxacan communities would call this agave Mexicano. The black label of this mezcal indicates that it is an Ancestral Mezcal, while most of their other releases are Artisinal Mezcal. Essentially this means that rather than using a shredder to mill the cooked agave, they milled this batch by hand with mallets. While there are other stipulations to being considered Ancestral, the shredding of agave is the only reason Real Minero doesn’t call all of their mezcal Ancestral. Milling by hand rather than a shredder creates an enormous amount of (literally) back breaking work. Distilled in March of 2018, this mezcal is 67% Barril and 33% Cuishe.