Salts & Mixers

  • Gran Mitla Sal de Gusano

    A three-generation old Gran Mitla family recipe for Sal de Gusano that will enhance the finest mezcal you dare to pair it with. Ingredients: Adult agave worms are carefully pulled from the agave pulp they’ve been feasting on, then toasted and...

  • Gran Mitla Sal de Habanero

    New! Habanero Salt (Sal de Habanero) – There is distinct flavor and smoky, crisp, contained heat that comes only from habanero chilies grown on the Yucatan peninsula. Made with Cuytlán Colima Sea Salt. Born to mate with mezcal and tequila...

  • Gran Mitla Sal de Jamaica

    New! Hibiscus Salt – Sal de Jamaica – Few understand the power of a bold finishing salt. Tart, fruity, a swash of rose color. Made with organically grown hibiscus petals from Guerrero and legendary Cuytlán Colima Sea Salt. Pairs...