Wahaka Espadin Manzanita (750ml)

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Wahaka Espadin Manzanita is a limited release. This mezcal is a “pechuga” made with organic heirloom apples. Maestro Mezcalero Beto Morales uses herbs and fruits in his “pechugas” instead of meat. This heirloom apple blend is placed in the copper stills during the second distillation. The fruit’s characteristics stay strong in the nose with a slight acidity.


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    Wahaka Espadin Manzanita (750ml)

    Posted by Trey on Mar 21st 2018

    Love these Wahaka special releases. I’ve had several of them now and they’re all unique. This mezcal is very clean and almost scentless. Tasting notes include wild apples followed by ripe green vegetables, with a thick mouthfeel! There’s also a slight hint of charcoal and tanned leather that is quite pleasant. These bottles can be pricey, but definitely worth trying. Lote: ORGULLO-10-AMM. Bottle 35/306.