Sell Your Products on Mercado de Mezcal

Mercado de Mezcal is the premier online retailer and marketplace for artisanal Mezcal, Tequila, premium agave spirits and more from Mexico. The Mercado de Mezcal platform offers sellers a targeted marketplace to sale their products. Get stated for Free or select a paid plan option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which products can be listed on Mercado de Mezcal?

Mercado de Mezcal specializes in Mezcal however we also list Tequila, Agave Distilados and other products such as Mexican Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Liqueurs, Beer, Wine and Ready-to-drink cocktails.

Can suppliers promote their products on Mercado de Mezcal?

To advertise on Mercado de Mezcal, please view our Advertising Plans here.

How long does it take for product listings to go live?

Product listings should go live within 5-10 business days depending on the number of products and distribution markets you have.

How many fulfillment markets are include?

Our fulfillment markets include NY, CA, and FL with direct shipping to +40 U.S. States.

How do you provide order fulfillment?

All orders are processed through Mercado de Mezcal and fulfilled by local licensed retailers.

Which States and Countries do you ship to?

Shipping depends on which markets you have distribution and where our fulfillment partners in those markets can ship. Our retailers do not ship to consumers where such sales are not permitted by applicable alcohol laws. We do not ship internationally.

How do we cancel our Subscription Plan?

You can cancel your subscription renual anytime during your current subscription period.

Do you provide sell-through reports and on what basis?

We offer quarterly sell-through reports for paid plans.

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