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Casa Elemental Sotol 42% ABV 700ML

Casa Elemental Sotol 42% ABV 700ML

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Casa Elemental - Sotol

Have you ever tasted the essence of the desert itself? It's a remarkable experience. The dayslirion wheelery, the plant used to craft Sotol, grows in its native habitat, bursting with concentrated flavors.

After a decade of thriving in these conditions, it imparts a unique flavor profile to its distilled form, marked by nutty undertones. The result is a velvety and profound spirit that mirrors the desert's dryness.

Our production process is a testament to nature's artistry. We ferment the agave with wild yeasts and double distill with copper alembic stills. The agaves are carefully roasted in stainless steel ovens, preventing smoke flavors from compromising its authentic taste.

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